Guac Delish: Fallbrook Avocado Festival

Prepare to dip a chip — and then another, and another — at this annual alligator pear party.

WHEN IT COMES TO GUACAMOLE, the question isn't whether one should use a squeeze of lemon or lime, or extra cilantro, or scallions instead of onions. It's all about whether the bowl of creamy, tomato-dotted, piquant-perfect dip will make it allll the way to the refrigerator or not before being fully and totally devoured. And, if it does make it to the fridge, the follow-up question is this: How long will it remain there? An hour? Part of an hour? Will the light inside the refrigerator not even have a chance to go off before the bowl is retrieved? So many questions. But there's no question that some of the best guac-gifted innovators around make for Fallbrook each April, where the large-of-scale Avocado Festival takes place. It's a one-day to-do, and one of the headlining happenings is the Guacamole Contest. So if you have the perfect mixture of sour cream, a hint of hot sauce, some garlic shavings, and a few other additions you don't want to reveal at this time, then...

READ THE RULES... and fill out the form. "Best Tasting" and "Best Presentation" are two of the categories, and there are two prizes in each, for first place and second. As for the chips? Leave the bag at home; those are "provided," meaning your hands and arms are free to haul in the bowl of your carefully crafted concoction. A concoction, of course, that starts with the bumpy-of-skin, green-amazing fruit that is at the heart of every classic and non-traditional guacamole. Which route are you taking? You have a little time to ponder that, but not too long: The 2017 Fallbrook Avocado Festival is on Sunday, April 23.

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