Guy's Shirt Now Skirt

We haven't seen a "shop your closet" story in, oh, weeks. Months. Which, in a way, is fine, because our own personal closet was not only shopped out, it looked like one of those empty spaces in a strip mall with masking tape on the windows and empty racks still attached to the walls. On the dusty floor, a balled-up sandwich wrapper is pushed around by some strange breeze. A mannequin stands staring at nothing.

But. We still must wear clothing -- polite society demands it -- and we must be clever about it in trying-er times. Which is why a post on Lulu*s caught our fashion-famished eye. The gussy-up blog is touting a men's shirt that has been made into a skirt -- Lulu*er Carlie Oxsen is the stylish source behind it -- and the directions seem easy.

We should say, easy enough for even us. A sewing machine is involved, and really, if you don't have one, you should know where to find one. A neighbor? Grandma? Dad? A local sewing store? But other than that, all one really needs to do is locate the perfect manly shirt which will look good on the lower half of their body. Maybe with a pair of boots. Slouchy socks?

But the question is: How to remove the mustard stains from all those burgers he downed over the years? Do those add to the charm? The color? We'll call it a "yes" and move forward.

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