Happy 88th, Egyptian

The venerable Hollywood icon celebrates with, what else? A movie.

Look. Like you, we welcome any state-of-the-art, fancy-seat, fancy-soda-serving, fancy-trailer-showing theater that opens to much kiss-blowing and fanfare. If someone would invent a movie theater that would have some sort of snack-getting robot run out for us and re-butter our popcorn halfway down the bucket, just when the salty stuff is starting to cool off (but heat up in the film we're watching), we'd be so there.

But even more than snack-getting robots we love our historic Hollywood theaters, like you. Is "treasure them" going too far? Not at all. And one of them -- The Egyptian -- is turning 88 on Monday, Oct. 18.

That means this movie theater was around at, if not the start of movies, then at that time when movies were truly on the up-and-up-and-up. 1922. "Robin Hood" with Douglas Fairbanks was movie #1 at the theater, and, through good times and not-so-good, the palace has shown many, many more.

On the night Oct. 18 the movie is "The Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston. Lydia Heston is scheduled to be in attendance at the big event. We should also mention this is a 6K digital restoration.

This is the stuff of cinematic excitement. Not snack-getting robots. And we want to clarify that if they existed, we'd invite the snack-getting robot to sit and watch the film with us and share our popcorn bucket. Because everyone loves movies.

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