Hatfield's: Back and Better Than Ever

One of LA’s favorites is back! Quinn and Karen Hatfield reopened their California-French Michelin starred restaurant on the corner of Melrose and Highland, doubling the space from their tiny former location blocks away in West Hollywood. “We love, having more space, and the customers seem to really like it. I enjoy taking them to a table that they really want.” Perhaps this also includes LA Mayor Mayor Villaraigosa, a foodie who we spotted dining at Hatfield’s on Sunday night.

The cuisine also seems to be bolder and better in their new airy-minimalist digs. Maybe it’s that wonderful full open kitchen that diners are treated to a full eye-catching view of during a meal. “We knew early on that we needed a bigger space. You get tired of saying ‘no’ to customers. Then this space opened with one of the best kitchens town.” Never mind that other talent chefs once flipped pans in that same exhibition space. The site housed Michel Richard’s Citrus and Tim Goodell of Red Pearl Kitchen among others over the years. “I don’t believe in cursed spots,” laughs Karen.

A large bar offers up cocktails and over 100 wines under the supervision of general manager and beverage director Peter Birmingham.  Classics include the Vesper -  inspired by a James Bond film, and original concoctions such as High-Rose Caipirinha. The bar has a great view of the main room, so the people watching is fun while you munch on addictive snacks that will keep you coming back - stove-top popped popcorn with garlic, shallot oil and rosemary or the Hangtown Fry with fried oyster, soft-scrambled egg and braised bacon served up in an adorable mini-skillet.

The main menu is still petite offering about six entrees from Loup de Mer to buttermilk poached chicken and short ribs. You’ll still find favorites like Executive Chef Quinn’s Croque Madame with prosciutto and hamachi or Pastry Chef Karen’s Sugar and Spice Beignets with chocolate fondue and a milkshake shot. The team has also added an extensive vegetarian section featuring  hand-cut papardelle carbonara; roasted sunchoke salad with French feta and fava bean “falafel crumble.” Lunch service should follow in about one week. VIP’s and crowd shy regulars can take advantage of the private dining room, which perhaps the Mayor should look into for his next dinner party.

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