Hmm. What's a Nine-Letter Word for Brainy Fun…

There's something deeply sexy about crossword puzzles. You know it, we know it, it is probably tiresome to review the erotically charged evidence but here goes: Couples in love frequently propose via there favorite paper's puzzle. Crosswords are what many people like to do while they lounge around in their skivvies each and every Sunday morning. And brain power is aphrodisiacal. Wait, can we can get a spelling on that last word?

If you're a wear-skivvies-and-spell-it-out-on-Sundays sort of person, clear your schedule on Saturday, April 25, for the Crosswords LA Tournament. This first-ever puzzle playoff welcomes the casual fan, the intense, head-down competitor, and the person who merely wants to watch and be impressed. Lunch is provided with your ticket (eyeball the full price breakdown), and five games are on the roster. (If you're planning on just observing, plan on enjoying commentary by crossword champ Tyler Hinman and funny Michael Colton of "Best Week Ever" on VH1.)

Best of all, we think, is that the tourney raise moneys for Reading to Kids, and the puzzles in play come from crosswords mastermind Will Shortz (no word that he's attending, but we feel that his Shortzian presence will be felt via the tangly brain teasers). In fact, the crosswords at the competition are unpublished New York Times puzzles, which is c-o-o-l. 

Cheers to good times that help the mind and help people unwind. Just wear a bit more than you usually do on Sunday mornings, is all we're saying.

Crosswords LA Tournament
Saturday, April 25, 10AM-4PM
Loyola Marymount University, Hilton 100, 1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles

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