January Debut: “Frozen Fun” at Disneyland Resort

Olaf, Elsa, and Anna turn their sleds for Disney California Adventure.

THAT JOYFUL JUGGERNAUT: If you grew up in the second half of the 20th century, and into the start of this century, you probably experienced a pop culture juggernaut or two. "Star Wars" springs to mind, that juggernaut that out-juggernauted all other juggernauts, but plenty of television shows, films, and books have delivered on the build-a-huge-fanbase front. A new stalwart has appeared on the huge fanbase front over the last year, and if you know some or all of the words to "Let It Go," you can probably guess its icy title. It's Disney's "Frozen," the 2013 animated movie that captured the fancies of many, many kids (and singing adults, who continue to post "Let It Go" videos to youtube). The only thing better than seeing Anna and Elsa on screen is to meet them, at Disneyland, which has been happening for several months now. But the Magic Kingdom is going a giant step further into Frozen-iana, with a new happening called Frozen Fun set to debut at Disney California Adventure on Jan. 7, 2015.

"IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES": The limited-time "immersive experiences" will include a sing-along celebration -- of course, because everyone knows "Let It Go," and "Love Is an Open Door," and the troll song by now -- and Olaf's Snow Fest, which will include a snow slide and a visit from the sunny-smiley snowman himself. And will Anna and Elsa bid farewell to Disneyland's Fantasyland and make for this new adventure? They shall indeed. An evening family dance part -- "Freeze the Night!" -- will also rev up, or down, rather, in the park's Hollywood Land. (We say "down" because a giant thermometer will record the drop in temperature.) A store brimming with merch -- hello, Elsa's diaphanous cape-cool dress -- and other cinematic touches are set for their wintertime bow. 

AND TWO MORE SWEETNESSES? A nod to "Frozen" will appear on the Storybook Land Canal Boats, so be on lookout for the kingdom of Arendelle, in miniature. And Olaf's Frozen Ice Rink is open in Downtown Disney through Feb. 22, 2015. 

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