Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Fallon Went on Beer Run in 1996

Back in 1996, Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Fallon had not yet hit super stardom, and the fresh faced celebrities tell the funny story of going on a late night beer run together

Back in 1996, Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Fallon had a great deal in common: neither had hit the big time but both had unimaginably bright futures ahead of them.

Apparently, the basketball player and the comedian met at a party and hung out for a bit. When the tap ran dry, the new kid basketball player and the fresh-faced joker ended up as the designated duo to go replenish the supply of booze at the party.

So, back in 1996, Fallon and Bryant went on a beer run together. On the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Bryant came on as a guest and the two told the hilarious story that was nearly two decades old. At the time, Bryant would have been an afro-wearing 18-year-old kid, so Fallon likely needed to come along to purchase the beer, anyhow.

As the story goes, Bryant and Fallon happened upon Pink Dot, a delivery-only store in LA. Back in the days before navigation systems and smart phones, the two pleaded with the store worker to sell them beer. The worker resisted, as the business was set up to be a delivery-only joint.

As Fallon tells the story, Bryant took out his identification card and put it up to the window, saying a phrase that amounted to claiming royal blood: "I'm a Laker."

The worker quickly let the pair in, and Fallon and Bryant returned to the party with five cases of beer in hand. Nearly two decades later, Fallon and Bryant reunited for the first time since the chance meeting and unlikely beer run.

Watch Bryant and Fallon tell the hilarious story here:

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