Let Go Of My Egg, Yo!

Fried eggs are popping up in the most unusual places lately. Suddenly it seems that the lowly fried egg has the capability of bringing an air of sophistication to dishes. Or is it the other way around? There's a new dish in town at Animal Restaurant that tops a thick slab of foie gras with a fried egg. Is this gentrification, or does it bring that uppety goose liver back down to basics where it belongs?

Who cares? Foie gras + fried egg sounds like fatty gooey heaven! To hell with the egg recall, pass the F&F!

But wait, there’s more. There’s also SPAM in this dish. Seriously. Foig gras + fried egg + SPAM ... from the can. Where does it end?

Too rich for your weak cholesterol-burdened veins? Try these places out for classic takes on the fried egg as accoutrement.

FATBURGER -- you can have a fried egg as an add-on.
El Cholo -- fried egg on your Sonora enchiladas
La Fonda Antioquena -- fried egg on your steak

But the real question is, where do you put your fried egg?

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