Manatees Make Merry (But Don't Dress the Sharks!)

Few things cheer us like seasonal to-dos at an aquarium -- after all, you can't exactly stick a reindeer-festooned scarf on a flounder, so you've got to get creative --  so we're happy that the Aquarium of the Pacific is holding its Holiday Treats for the Animals Day on Saturday, December 6 and Sunday, December 7. Scuba Santa is diving beneath the waves to bring tasty tidbits -- we're thinking various fishy snacks will be included, in addition to the candy-cane ice pops on the menu -- to the seals and other flipper-bedecked denizens of this world-class facility. The sea otters are also getting a snowman, which makes us wonder if he'll have whiskers. Maybe he should be a snow otter?

Shamu, down at San Diego's Sea World, is also getting into the spirit, with his own fancy moves choreographed just for Christmas; Sea World is also gussying up the park with various decorations, carols and tinselly touches.

If we owned an aquarium, we'd teach the crabs to do a little kick-line, a la the Rockettes. That should be snap, right? Maybe crabs have never done this because no one has ever showed them how. We can only assume they want to learn.

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