McRib Devotees Seek, Find Sandwich Online

McRibbians, or McRibbites, or McRibbers, or the band of happy, hungry souls who worship at the soft, sesame-seed-laden bun of the McRib, received good news a few months back when the elusive McDonald's item returned to its rightful place on lit-up menu boards around the nation. But, as everyone who follows McRib-related headlines knows, that may not be the end of story. Which is why, in part, the McRib continues to ascend the legendary, "can-I-actually-find-one" status ladder.

But the McRib Locator is now helping those famished followers out. If you've been tracking McRib sightings on your own, feel free to pull those maps down off the wall and turn off the GPS. Just pop on and see if there's a little arrow near where you live, or report a close encounter with a McRib. Think of how grateful your fellow McRibbies out there will be.

A product of the 1980s, the McRib was sometimes ribbed for having the shape and look of a rack of ribs, but, of course, without the ribs themselves. Kind of mind-blowing, we think, in a fast-food-y kind of way. The densely sauced rectangle of meaty yumdom contained pork, bbq sauce, pleasing sour pickles (our personal favorite in the ingredients line-up) and a soft-to-bite bun. Then, for various reasons, the grippable bit of drippy delight was pulled. Then it returned, in the 1990s. Then, gone again. Soon, fans were gathering, plotting, wondering, hoping. Where would the McRib show next? Would it? Oh please oh please.

And then, the web sites began appearing, like the tricked-out one complete with tunes, to keep 'Rib enthusiasts in the sauce. We also counted at least five McRib groups on Facebook alone -- several topping out at several hundred members -- so you know the sandwich buffs are keeping each other in the know.

We're not saying the search will be *totally* a cinch to follow the McRib from here on out, but we wouldn't want it to be, either. McRib, you are a worthy rival. We are not so different, you and I...

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