Modernism Week in Palm Springs

Mid-century enthusiasts prepare for their desert extravaganza.

BEYOND THE HOUSE: Calling the mega mondo Modernism Week a gathering of people who love mid-century houses is accurate and not nearly wide-ranging enough, both at once. The ten-day Palm Springs event is certainly about mid-century architecture, that style of structure that often incorporated open floor plans, wide windows, and clean, straightforward roof angles and lines. Some scholars would say this all reflected the can-do attitude and hopefulness that permeated the middle of the last century, following World War II; some others would say that homes had to get unfussier, since so many were being built for our country's famous mid-century baby boom. We shall leave that particular discussion to those making for Modernism Week, which is flush with discussions and tours and the sharing of ideas in this realm. Ideas that incorporate both architecture but also art, fashion, cars, and lifestyles. All will be on the table during the sprawling week+ party.

A FEW HIGHLIGHTS... The bus tours, which cover a wide array of the valley's architectural gems, are always bustling. The vintage car show, too, will attract a number of attendees on Feb. 18 (and it is free to boot). And, yep, there's a trailer show, too, where a number of retro beauties go on display. (You'll probably want a nickel for every time you hear someone say "I want one of these in my backyard.") Home tours, fashion shows, and cocktail parties are also on the schedule. Only piece of advice? It's a big schedule, so it is worth landing on three or four must-attends before making for the P.S. And you'll want to remember your Mad-Men-esque outfit, too, complete with starburst brooch. Make sure it is of light fabric, though; Palm Springs is pretty perfect even in February.

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