More Midnight Club Freeway Chases Coming Your Way

Why is so satisfying and fun to see Los Angeles presented in tidy video game format? Leaving behind the political correctness of the neighborhood name, we can report the gaming blogs are a twitter with the news of "Midnight Club: Los Angeles, South Central" coming out March 12th. Here's what the copy off the official web site says: "The best part is, the new map that covers the South Central neighborhoods of Los Angeles – from Baldwin Hills to the Watts Towers – will be available to all who own the original Midnight Club: Los Angeles, not just those who shell out $9.99 for the Premium Pack. " This release follows Rockstar Games' (which also does the Grand Theft Auto series) October release of "Midnight Club: Los Angeles," in which everyone got to see the Viper Room, Capitol Records, and more in rendered sunset glory.

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