Mutton Chops and Mustaches ‘Til Midnight

Work your facial hair at two Saturday night parties.


It's nice when the old-fashioned, cheek-sweetening mutton chop gets a night out. And when it happens on the very same night there's a mustache contest going down in town, well. Call it some sort of whisker-based wizardry. But that's exactly what's ahead on Saturday, Aug. 21:

Mutton chops: DJ Daedalus and his glorious mutton-choppery will be at the turntables before and after Cinespia's screening of "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" on Saturday, Aug. 21 at Hollywood Forever. Of course, Mr. Wonka doesn't sport the full mutton chop in the film -- call it a proto-mutton, maybe -- but he does have that glorious mad curl. You know the one. If you do go, bet there will be some purple velveteen jackets in the crowd, too. And cravat squares.

Mustaches: Or "moustaches," if you prefer. LACMA's Muse 'Til Midnight party on Saturday, Aug. 21 will have a steampunk theme, and you can't truly go steampunk without a proper handlebar. There will be art, there will be swanning about in various lace-up outfits, there will be music, there will be whimsical sculptures, and there will be a contest based around the wearing of hair on one's face. Again, we say: Bet there will be some purple velveteen jackets in the crowd. And cravat squares.

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