What to Expect on Your First Day as an NBCLA.com Intern

You've been accepted into the NBCLA.com Internship Program. Your paperwork has cleared. You're ready to start. So, what can you expect on Day 1?

The first day of your internship is full of opportunity, excitement and of course, paperwork.

You'll start the day in one of our parking garages on the NBCUniversal lot. After checking in with our main desk, our web internship coordinator will greet you in the Brokaw News Center lobby, and take you to our brand new, state-of-the-art newsroom (aka: your new home for the next few months).

Our interns spend Day 1 meeting the web team, attending the morning rundown meeting, filling out paperwork, getting new accounts set up and taking a photo for your NBC ID badge.

We like to repeat that part, as we've had a few interns over the years surprised their smiling faces would be photographed on Day 1. Be prepared to take a picture.

Attire for the newsroom is business casual, so please dress appropriately.

Even before Day 1, there are ways you can prepare for the internship experience:

  • Read local news websites
    • This includes NBCLA.com, our direct competitors, local newspapers and blogs
  • Watch local TV news broadcasts
    • Not every student lives in Southern California, so you may need to watch local newscasts on the web. We are a TV station's news website, so our on-air presence plays a very important role in our web coverage, so know the anchors and reporters, and know the shows.
  • Brush up on your writing
    • Whether it's for social, mobile, the web, research or even special projects, you will be writing every day, so brush up on your spelling, punctuation, grammar and AP style.
  • Prepare for upcoming big events
    • Whether it's spring, summer or fall, there are certain events that unfold year after year. For example, this fall we are already expecting to cover the November elections, wildfire season and all holidays.
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