Neighborhood-Knowing Volunteers Needed

SurveyLA is looking for history-mad locals. That's all of us, right?

Oficina del Alguacil del Condado Hidalgo

A lot of people are probably reviewing their commitments for 2011 right about now, specifically the time and energy they give just because, or out of the good of their hearts, or to gain more knowledge of a certain area.

An interesting LA-focused volunteer opportunity has been put on the table by The Speakers Bureau of LA. Essentially volunteers are being sought for a "five-year citywide survey (that) identifies and documents important places, features, and stories in the City's history."

That sounds big, and actually downright noble. But doable, too. There are plenty of Los Angeles history-minded smarties out there, touring various neighborhoods with different groups every weekend, but we'd guess a few of them are lacking that volunteer gig they've been seeking. Perhaps this is it?

We'd like to see the stories that come out of a major, half-decade-long sweep of our city's landmarks, streets, characters, and tales. You can find out more via the Los Angeles Historic Resources Survey.

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