Obsession of the Day: Guess Where LA

Sometimes, like us, you're watching a movie and you see a storefront or tree or a corner of a building and you suddenly jump up, because you know that corner, it's on Western or Colorado or Ventura and yes! You totally know it. And then you sit back down and resume consuming cold popcorn, your friend frantically shushing you. Happens to us all the time.

The Guess Where LA group on Flickr is capturing that corner or sign and putting it out there to stump/delight LA fans. After all, our megalopolis boasts hundreds -- thousands? -- of landmarks, but it has has millions of little bits of visual info. Billions, maybe. A cheerful tooth waving from a dentist's sign, the crack running up the side of a particular building. And if you see all those various bits of imagery often enough, they get stuck in your craw, pretty much for forever.

So if you think you know our city, and you have many, many minutes to peruse these beautiful photos, click away. You may find you are the awesome LA expert you thought you were, or that you still need to get to know our city on a deeper level. Which is a good thing to need to do, we think.

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