Oooh La La! Learn About “A Secret Life of Twins”

Let's put it out there: twins. We're all fascinated. Moles in the same spots, shared telekinetic experiences, eating the same toffee bar at the same time even though one is separated from his twin by an ocean. Multiples of the world, you do intrigue us singletons so.

Put "performing" in front of the word "twins" and you have a whole fresh lovely fragrant ball of wax. The Poubelle Twins, as followers of all things Lucha VaVoom know, are a pair of pretty, pretty fierce girls who throw kicks and show the guys what's what. But they also dress beautifully and possess meticulous manners. Those manners sometimes include throwing a masked wrestler over their pretty, well-coiffed heads, but so be it.

Now the Bibi & Fifi Poubelle -- aka Barbara & Vera Duffy -- are presenting "A Secret Life of Twins" at the Steve Allen on Saturday, May 23. Expect talk of twinism, mystical ideas, and other delights both familial and shadowy. There will be special guests. There will be whispers of France. There will be mucho attitude. There will be costumes and hats with frilly bits that we shall want as our own.

And the accordion swells... May 23, 8PM, $10. 4773 Hollywood Boulevard

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