Our Favorite 20-Second Weather Report Returns

David Lynch, that buttoned-down maestro of red curtains and bobby-soxed vixens and Dennis Hopper sucking oxygen and swearing up a storm, has gained fame as one crackerjack of a weather reporter. His daily reports on Los Angeles weather, which appear at his web site, have been a local favorite, starting as a real word-of-mouth phenomenon and growing.

Why? We probably all have our own reasons. Mr. Lynch's dry, straightforward delivery is something we like. And the fact that, in summertime, he might say "beautiful blue skies" every day for like 20 days in a row. And that each report is about 15 seconds or under.

The director/weatherman took a short break from his reports -- fans were disappointed, of course -- but the news hot from Twitterland is that Mr. Lynch is back making commentary on matters of a meteorological nature. Days are gloomy now, but we know those beautiful blue skies are set to return shortly.

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