Oversharing, High Kicks, Magic

Hello 12, hello 13, hello "A Chorus Line."

We may live in an age where people tell us far too much about what they're feeling and about their life stories -- hi television, hi internet, hi any random magazine cover -- but that moment truly seemed to flower in the "I'm OK, You're OK" 1970s.

But when that oversharingness was paired with ka-pow dance moves and singing chops -- as it was when "A Chorus Line" debuted on Broadway back in 1976 -- audiences were transfixed.

How transfixed? Transfixed to the tune of thousands and thousands of performances. A movie. Touring companies. One such tour will be high-kicking at the Pantages from June 1-13, 2010, nearly 35 years after the show first debuted.

But that in your sparkly sequin hat and sing about it.

You probably know that "A Chorus Line" is about a group of performers at an audition. Stories come out, in song and monologue, of how they came to be a dancer/singer/all of the above. It is moving and saucy and magical. So much so we cannot and will not give away the "A Chorus Line" 8-track we have tucked safely away in a box of prized treasures.

And if you like "American Idol" or "Glee," bet you'll see sparkles of those two juggernauts in this iconic musical. That peppy heartbreak thing both shows do so well. "Dance 10, Looks 3" from "A Chorus Line" remains one of the peppiest heartbreak tunes ever.

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