Primetime Emmys Spotlight

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David Scales

EMMY EATING: We talked about Pinot Bistro offering a full Emmy dinner September 21st-26th. But there's the matter of Emmy night -- Sunday, September 20th -- and what you'll be eating on your couch, in the comfort of your pjs. Nibble on Dove and Fling -- they'll be among the sweets on the Governors Ball table -- after sipping your Grey Goose (the vodka's going into the night's special orange-y cocktail). Beaulieu Vineyard wines will also be on the pour.

"MAD MEN" CALENDAR: A "Mad Men" calendar makes sense to us. In fact, we'll almost call it meta. After all, Sterling-Cooper is all about filling eyes with pretty images; this calendar does the same. We hope there's plenty of Saul in there; oh, and Joan. Yes. We're just hoping it is for 2010 and *not* 1963. Checking. Okay. We're in the clear. AMC Store, $13.99

"HOUSE" PEN: You're a medical drama devotee. And you're mad for "House" (our own Hugh Laurie-based affections have been made plain in the past). But, by your phone or computer: a bunch of ho-hum pens. This pen -- which looks like a syringe and has the show's name on it -- is not ho-hum. Neither is Dr. House. Start de-ho-humming your life now, for $3.

"ENTOURAGE" TEES: Queen's Boulevard has its own t-shirt. And "Let's hug it out, bitch," of course. And we like the goodly selection featuring Kevin Dillon. There are pint glasses and other items for your dude'd-out pad. None of Ari Gold's gorgeous suits are for sale at the HBO store, but we're good with -- and can afford -- something simple like a tee for now.

"DEXTER" COASTERS: We're forever looking for coffee table additions for "come-over-and-watch-this-show-we-both-love" get-togethers. Props that can add to the general atmosphere, bring the show into the living room. These not-for-the-weak-of-stomach coasters capture the deliriously dark "Dexter" well. Talk about your conversation pieces. We know "Dexter" fans who'll just leave 'em out year-round. Happy holidays!

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