Putting the Comedy in Comedy Writing

Bob Odenkirk and other funny people talk for a night.

If you've ever taken a comedy writing workshop around town -- and probably every 11th person you know has at some point -- you know that there are excellent, tip-filled classes, and then there are those seminars where you've counted every brick on the wall holding the whiteboard.

So. How to make what should be a riot more riotous? One: Hold the night at a bar. Two: Get really funny people to come and be talky at it. Three: Get the writer-championing 826LA on board.

826LA's Adult Writing Seminar Series: Comedy Writing is happening at Busby's East on Monday, May 3. Busby's East takes care of the "bar" part. And the funny talky part? Bob Odenkirk, Jill Soloway, Jen Kirkman, and the droll duo of Blacker & Acker will be at the whiteboard, writing out complicated comedy equations full of fractions and Latin.

Or they'll just tell people how to inject more levity and fire into their work.

Jill Soloway of Sit 'N Spin. Funny funny. This would be a comedy gold kind of night, even if improving work wasn't involved. And even if beer wasn't somewhere in the building.

Tickets start at $25.

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