Queen Mary Art Deco Weekend

Costumed fans gather at one our state's art-deco-iest landmarks.

Los Angeles, and much of Southern California, has long been a haven for various architecture styles, it's true. It has also welcomed those people who like to dress with old-fashioned, highly stylized flair, from a bygone time; perhaps vintage's local reign is due to the movie industry's influence, or perhaps it is just the general live-and-let-live California attitude.

But "vintage" is a pretty big catch-all term, meaning that those people who like a particular slice of vintagedom -- say, Art Deco -- deserve their chance to gather and celebrate that brief moment in time, when buildings like the Chrysler Building reigned and Deco-laden ships like the Queen Mary ruled the oceans.

Oh, did we say the Queen Mary? We did. One of our state's great Art Deco landmarks just happens to host a Deco-oriented party each Labor Day Weekend. It starts early, on the Friday, and ends on the Sunday, and between those dates? There's live, 1930s-esque tunes, and tours of the ocean liner, and, our personal favorite, a pajama party. (Think of the swank satin get-ups that Nick and Nora wore in "The Thin Man" movies, *not* your everyday flannels.)

We're also curious about the Art Deco marketplace that'll be part of the weekend; we need more polished wood and gleamy silver objects in our lives. Or at least more style.

The annual Art Deco Festival on the Queen Mary is set to roll from Friday, Aug. 31 through Sunday, Sept. 2. No, you don't need a steamer trunk to board, but you might costume up, a little, if you have some era clothes handy.

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