Queen Mary: Swingin' Time With Swing Queen

Gunhild Carling & Friends will bring the get-up-and-move vibes to the big boat, for one night only.

MUSICIANS WHO BOAST SWINGIN' STYLE... tend to bring it all, from the sassy banter with the audience to the ability to play multiple instruments to those impressive ranges to a catalog-like knowledge of classic ditties. So when you've been widely dubbed a royal, and a queen, even, and swing, jazz, and Dixieland are your areas of expertise, you can know you're really acing your artistic pursuit. And so Gunhild Carling is, and how. She's an online darling, with videos that tally up the views, and she globe trots on the regular while bringing her retro-licious love of music to grateful fans. And Sweden's Queen of Swing is headed next to a spot that perfectly aligns with her vintage, vivacious vibes: the Queen Mary. Ms. Carling's one-night-only performance is part of the new Salon Series on the Long Beach landmark, a series that boasts...

FREE ADMISSION: That's right, arrive at the big boat after 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 4 and you'll walk on while paying not a dime. (Well, parking is another story, but even that rate is lowered after 3 o'clock on Salon Series days, to ten bucks.) The party's on from 5 to 7 p.m. in no less than the Grand Salon, and face painting will take place on the sun deck (oh, and a DJ'll be around, too, giving the evening even more festive spirit). Ready to swing along to a swing queen at a location that still feels straight out of the 1940s? Here's the whole fabulous 411 on the sure-to-be-fabulous shindig.

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