Radical: Guitar Hero Competition Boasts Artsy Twist

Guitar Hero contests come in just about every stripe -- themes, genres, levels, you name it -- but we've yet to see a competition for people who sit, staring, slack-jawed and entranced, for many, many minutes (read: hours) as friends rock their socks off. Because we would win that one. If there was a special award for eating the better part of a cake as we watch, we'd nab that, too.

But Muzeo in Anaheim is throwing a new chord into the Guitar Hero competition pantheon, and this one has a distinctly cultural vibe. The museum is holding a Guitar Hero-themed showdown that's tied into its Color of Rock: The Art of Philip Burke exhibit. The songs in the competition are, in the museum's words, "limited to the artists" in this exhibit, but take heart; the paintings depict some of the most iconic names in all of rock 'n roll-dom, so we're pretty convinced they'll be familiar for the most part.

We like the idea of arriving a bit early, soaking in the paintings for inspiration (this famous grouping of artworks were previously displayed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum), and then limbering the fingers and hitting the tunes. Gift certificates are up for grabs for the victors, the divisions are broken down by age groups, the guitars in competition are provided by the museum and... well, there are a few things to know ahead of time, so be sure to eye the whole list of what-nots. Oh, and even though the contest starts at 2PM on Saturday the 11th, if you're competing, get there by 1PM (and it's $10 to enter the competition and eye the exhibits). Get registration info here. Oh, and prepare to be a heroooo!

241 S. Anaheim Boulevard, Anaheim

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