Rainy Day Deal Dries Up

Remember the eat-free-in-Yuma-if-it-rains thing? It's nearly done. Did it rain?

IT'S A WRAP: It was an intriguing deal that made headlines near and far just a year ago: If you stay overnight in Yuma and it happens to rain during your stay, all day, and the sun never shines, you'll get free board. Doesn't sound too hard, right? Except when you consider that Yuma has been billed as the Sunniest City in the Nation. If you've been the big Y, you can believe this billing; it is generally sunny, except when it is night. So when this deal kicked off for a 12-month run back on Aug. 1, 2011, people got to wondering just who would nab the free board "for every day the sun doesn't shine" and when that might happen. And now that there is just a week left to take advantage of the offer -- if the wet stuff comes through and the sun doesn't -- we thought we'd check in with the Yuma people and see what happened.

ALL SUN ALL THE TIME: That's the word. There was no rain, or not enough to warrant the deal kicking in, for the last 358 days in Yuma, Arizona. Only sunny days. (Exception: there was rain on July 13 but the sun came out that morning, so it was technically a sunny day). So no dice on the deal. Yuma, you most certainly do deserve your one-and-only sunshiny billing. But if you are going to visit the city and still want to give going for that free board a try, go for it; you've got a week left. Here's the forecast, though, and it is looking mighty bright. Though wait: Are those monsoon clouds on Monday and Tuesday, the final days of the deal? Could the sun really disappear in Yuma for a whole day? Contest lovers, that could be your moment.

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