Read Rumor. Mull It Over. Go Directly to Snopes

We're not saying there are not other urban legend enthusiasts out there, patrolling the 'net waves and doing a very fine job of it. It's just that has practically become synonymous with debunkery of all sorts. Those random forwards promising this/that/the other if you do a/b/c? We're betting Snopes will say nopes. The guy who found a copy of the Declaration on Independence in some old frame? True. Jealous much? We are.

So it turns out some legends and rumors are not total hogwash, or are, at the very least, in Snopes parlance, "undetermined" (a kind word that leaves room for future developments). But the bulk of the bunk is false, falser than false, and how the rumor is taken down can only be described as elegant and thorough. And a fun read in the end.

Cheers, Snopes. And here's the site's take on the origins of April Fools' Day. The Snopes determination on the merry holiday's beginnings? Undetermined. And that's okay. We wouldn't want to have a day given to prankery be *too* clearly defined, after all.

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