Record Store Gets a Whole Lotta “Whole Lotta Love”

Vinyl's back, it's not, it's in, it never left. All through the trends and fads, we've stuck by our favorite groups, we've hung onto the old LPs we nabbed from older siblings, we're committed. But maybe not as committed as Rockaway Records in Silver Lake, which is the new proud owner of 2,500 poundage of Led Zeppelin stuff. Records. Books. Bits of fan-pleasing ephemera. Concert tickets. And more records (including 45s).

And while we'll always have a soft spot for Jimmy Page in our heart -- okay, and the rest of the lads (we're only a little mad at Robert Plant because he's always had better curls than us) -- we know we'll never own that much Led Zeppelinry. We'll never own 2,500+ pounds of any one thing, in fact. But we're happy that Rockaway jumped in and made the purchase, because it assures us that there are record stores, tried-and-true, line-up-the-stacks music shops, that are still stocking the stuff fans want.

We, and every other music fan with access to wifi, will keep going online to look for those vintage concert t's, of course, but there are few pleasures equal to spending a lazy Sunday afternoon thumbing through your favorite band's albums. And if you're favorite band is Led Zeppelin, and you live near Silver Lake, you are in a lot of luck. The song may remain the same, but there's A LOT more of it...

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