See More Seafood at Bigger Westside Landmark

The venerable Santa Monica Seafood turns 70 this year -- notable for any Southern California business, especially one in the always competitive food scene -- and it is marking the grand occasion with an upgrade to a more visible spot on Wilshire and roomier digs.

Of course, chefs who like to work with various crustaceans, Atlantic salmon, and Oregon Sand dabs can still find just-out-of-the-water fish for sale. This is, after all, a place that has built its reputation on having a varied selection of extremely fresh aquatic delights. But we're eyeing the new Oyster Bar, the low-lit, oh-so-metropolitan dining area, the array of pop-in-and-pick-up-dinner prepared foods, and better parking. Yes, we are suckers for parking that prevents us from pulling our hair out, and, more and more, this formerly low-ranking feature has begun to influence our plans for going anywhere. We're not alone in this, we're guessing.

LAist legged over for opening day and it looked packed as a tin of... what are those small, salty fish called? Anyway. The dishes look delish (holy octopus, we spied savory calamari in batter-y goodness, mmm), and the atmos fully gourmet-ed out, in the best sense. We're swimming over asap. 

Santa Monica Seafood
1000 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica

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