Sewing Makes Your Closet Feel Better About Itself

The burst of "shop your closet" articles a few months back charmed us. We tried. Oh, did we. The frantic digging through plaid-ish '90s wear, the sartorial-based scowling, the "what the h is this?"-ing. The tiredness.

What we need to do is just improve our sewing skills, so we can traipse into any fabric store on the planet, find the exact cloth we like, find the exact pattern we like, and then be, in mere days -- mere hours? -- wearing our creation out to great fanfare.

A recent stroll down Magnolia Boulevard, the one street we'd hug if we could, brought us past The Sewing Lounge, a sweet shop that just opened this spring. It is what you think it is -- a place to learn to sew. There's a bank of modern sewing machines up front, and proprietress Jessica Dooley is on hand to help aspiring seamstresses and seamsters achieve those fashion goals.

Seriously. Why aren't we all sewing? When LA has such fine fabric stores like International Silks & Woolens, and an entire district downtown luxuriating in distinctive fabrics? Just a question.

Sewing Lounge, here we come. Our first lesson, we hope: what exactly is a bobbin?

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