Solved: Where You Should Live in Los Angeles

Facebook, that happy land of big-haired, high school photos and frequent status updates and enormous, multi-person conversations about delightful nothing-ness, continues to charm and surprise. Just when we were sort of kind of missing that "25 Things" thing -- did that get sucked into the great void of Facebook-iana forever? -- and hoping one of our friends might revive it, along come the quizzes, lots and lots and lots of quizzes.

They've been around for a few weeks now, and now we know what character from "Twilight" our one pal is, and what character from "Arrested Development" our other pal is, and what smell another friend would be if that friend were to be a smell.

But the Facebook quiz that has us smiling is "Where Do in Los Angeles Do You Belong?" Turns out our pal who took it belongs in Beachwood Canyon (we always pictured this guy in Venice or West Hollywood, truth be told). And how was this determined? By a list of multiple choice questions that includes favorite movie, favorite food, cocktail of choice, pet of choice, and clothing. Oh, and TV show and day-off activities, too.

Perhaps where we live in LA can all be boiled down to those seven things, but we like to think that we're all a bit more complex than that. Maybe the next LA-centric Facebook quiz to tell us *where* in our perfect neighborhood we should be living. Should we settle down closer to the business district, so we can walk to restaurants and bars? Or further into the residential area, where traffic is less noisy and birds titter? 

Tell us Facebook. We await your guidance.

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