Spring Break in Sun Diego

It's road-trippin' time. Where are you going?

THAT TIME OF YEAR: Spring breaks likely play out myriad ways for a lot of different people. Some students visit their families, some study, and a few sun-seekers probably really do hit a beach. But those of us who aren't gifted with an automatic week or two each March likely believe that pretty much everyone everywhere is out drinking something tropical and having a good time. (All but us, of course.) Which is why we always raise a toast to those revel-hearted types who do work a spring break, even a short one, into their workaday schedule. There's no law that says that March or April vacations belong solely to college students (well, not that we know of). Why should those outside of the university circuit adopt the practice, too, if only for a long weekend? We live in (mostly) sunny California. We have hotels. We have theme parks. Oh yes -- and we have a beach or two. San Diego, that most southerly of spring-breaky getaways, has a few deals on that might appeal to the spur-of-a-moment vacationer.

SUN DIEGO PACKAGE: If you're looking to be close to the Gaslamp District and Petco Park during your goof-off weekend, the Omni could be your spot. They've got a deal on that's called "Sun" Diego" -- yep -- that includes Sea Breeze cocktails and a complimentary bottle of sunscreen. Oh, and money-wise? It's $281 a night, which is 30% off.

PLAY DAYS: The San Diego Zoo's annual springtime event puts the focus on kid-nice activities. The free-flight macaws on are on the schedule -- love them -- as are flamingos, a giraffe feeding, and meerkat time. Play Days run from March 23 through April 7.

SCIENCE WEEK: San Diego is a hub for the big-minded scientific pursuits, and the San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering is science's mondo local bash. There are several goings-on during the March 16-23 run, but you'll want to make for Expo Day at Petco Park on Saturday, March 23. Experiments, wonder, and youth-friendly to-dos galore.

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