Starry Story Keeps on Keepin' On: Rachael's Racy Pics

Rachael Ray takes her knocks, no doubt, but that people are turning to her way of whip-it-up-quick cuisinery in these leaner days probably can't be denied. We've seen a few of her "30 Minutes" show and never once spotted an exotic type of pepper we need to drive 16 miles for, and then spend $16 upon. Believe us, we're pepper people, but, right now, we're looking for dishes we can pour a vat of cream of mushroom soup over and eat on for four nights. Or weeks. Aren't we all, though?

But beyond talking about how newly thrifty home chefs are looking to Ray's budget-minded kitchen wizardry, a recent People item talked about the plucky TV hostess defending her sexy, show-some-skin FHM spread, which she posed for a half decade ago.

Rachael, our (unsolicited) advice: Forget defending it. You did it, you liked it, so what? We all need more cheap ways to make inexpensive meals and have them last for several nights. Let's hear more on that. Oh, but if you do another lad's mag pictorial, free free to talk it up. But maybe include some nice-to-the-wallet recipes in the sidebar?

Also from the planet of stars...

...Jimmy Fallon's new late-night show starts tonight. Did you know he's married to Drew Barrymore's producing partner? Seems like there's a film in there somewhere. We don't know really what about, except a late-night host marries a producer who works with a movie star. The elements are there, is all we're saying. Maybe there's also an alien invasion, or roaming robots, or it is in 3-D?

...Nicky Hilton likes the poker. So does Benji Madden, Kristy Swanson, and Tia Carrere. And a bunch of other celebs starring intently at their hands, poker faces all around.

 ...More Tia Carrere: The actress summons "Wayne's World" in a word. Yep, you know the word. You might think you don't, but you do.

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