Swanky Cocktail Night Sashays Into The Edison

Like three people in the history of fictional characters can wear a monocle. One: Winona Ryder in "Heathers." Two: Mr. Peanut. Three: The Penguin from "Batman" (we knew Winona and Mr. P, but this site has lots more examples, if you're monocle-y inclined).

We, probably like you, find the scrunch-up-your-face-and-pop-that-baby-in-front-of-an-eye seeing device fascinating, and if ever we were going to don one, we'd don one at The Edison. The downtown, below-ground bar is perfectly steampunk-y, but elegantly so, all fitzy lightbulbs and shadowy corners and exposed pipes and wonder.

And thus -- or thusly, if we want to be *truly* steampunk -- the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles has chosen The Edison for its July 17th gathering. It's called Cocktails in Historic Places, and that's what it is, so no fancy-dancy explanation needed. Bonus: The Edison will be holding its nice-to-the-wallet Friday-night Soup Kitchen at the same time.

Everything's hoop-di-doing from 6-8PM on the 17th. Dress up and live a little. If you have a monocle, we say wear it, just make sure that you can actually see through it -- no pain for fashion -- and that you're not scrunching that cheek all night. Hard to drink while scrunching.

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