Talking Points: Feb. 2

...Like Bill Murray's cranky weatherman in "Groundhog Day," we find ourselves doing things over and over 'round these parts. Where his character stepped into the same icy puddle at the same time every day (the classic "Ned? Ned Ryerson?" scene), we realized that, though LA is 5,794 times larger than Punxsutawney, give or take, we all have our icy puddles. Do we always arrive at the same bar five minutes after happy hour has ended? Yes. Going to certain beaches on 95-degree days, only to barely find a sliver of sand for ourselves, is something we can't stop. And we always pull into the same teeming, horn-honky garage where a parking space is as elusive as a groundhog's shadow. We don't even need "I Got You Babe" rocking the clock-radio each morning to know we're living in film of our own making.

...Speaking of "Groundhog Day" -- why in the Gobbler's Knob isn't anyone showing it today? We've scoured the internets but to no avail. Surely someone has thrown a sheet against a wall in some school auditorium? So few flicks are associated with one partic day. So, a call-out to the art houses: let's start a new tradition. Because we're mad for that movie. In fact, everyone loves that movie. Have you ever met anyone who doesn't? We didn't think so.

...Plus, today in bacon: home furnishing.

...And nudes, nudes, nudes (in art).

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