Talking Points: January 5

  • Have like 47 cents left over from the holidays? These guys want to help. Who knew pawn shops would become a hip spot in '09? Plus, showering at a friend's house to save dough: smart. Very smart.

  • We've been thinking about the wee pond behind the Sportsmen's Lodge restaurant and hoping it weathers the renovations. Our opinion: More manmade lakery next to more eating establishments equals more pleasure. Right, we know we have a giant ocean we can eat next to any time we want. Still.

  • Created your to-regift stash? You're not alone. Over the holidays, we heard that champagne is the most regifted item, which is exceedingly, so-thoughtful nice. So how did we always end up with four suspicious bottles of old-ish peach-kiwi bath salts?

  • Kitson continues rolling out the starlet-attracting shoppage; now they've opened on Melrose. Will we be surprised to see a Kitson at the end of our block in a few months? At the end of every block, perhaps? No, we will not be.

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