This Show May Last Forever and Ever

Actors going meta and reading from Tori Spelling's autobiography or performing "Brady Brunch" scripts sans a laugh track or interpreting letters of famous people? Been done, of course. But the simplicity of rounding up a whole mess of famous people to read from books authored by other famous people feels beautiful. Moving even.

And like it could last forever. After all, there are about -- what? -- 8,609 really famous people, you might know by name, or at least something you saw them in. And there are about -- what? -- 2,377 celebrity-penned bio books. Throw those all into a big, roiling pot, ask five or six famous people to read from five or six of those books, and you have a show that could run well into the year 3000.

The mixing and matching feels endless.

Of course, "Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words" is a New York phenom, but after the LA benefit on Monday, June 15th -- Matthew Perry, Ryan Reynolds, and the marvelous Jennifer Coolidge read, among others -- we're guessing we may see its likes here again.

One thought, though. Why not seat the author-celebrity on stage, nearby, while his or her book is being read by another actor? If they are game. Surely the audience would love to see reactions and such. Is there a suggestion box, "Celebrity Autobiography"? Or have you already gone there? We're curious to know which famous people would be up for it.

Why not?

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