Vow to Drop 10? Holiday Rinks Are Still Open…

Coincidences are good things, mostly, and with that in mind we're always happy that our annual get-in-shape resolution and the holiday ice rinks that spring up around Southern California happen at the same time. Maybe it is because we like to ease into losing the extra poundage we've so easily put on over the last few weeks, and ice skating, with its cute hats and knitty mittens and fancy-dancy spins, makes exercise seems positively breezy. Of course, there's always the hot chocolate, too, but we shall fight the urge. Okay, maybe one cup, hold the whipped cream.

Holiday on Ice at Irvine Spectrum Center, which is open through January 19, has longer holiday hours on through January 3. Downtown on Ice at Pershing Square keeps it cold through January 19 as well. Gotta twirl closer to the waves? Ice at Santa Monica is welcoming blade buffs through January 19, while Seaside Ice in Redondo Beach stays chilly through January 11.

Happy skating, or, shall we say, happy keeping resolutions!

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