Wearables, toys, and art from a bevy of designers go on display -- and for sale -- at the Pasadena Convention Center.

The date is Saturday, November 21st. The place is Pasadena Convention Center. And the artists include the always lively Amanda Visell, Angry Woebots, Peekaboo, and Brian Castleforte. Plus vendors, lots of vendors, will be putting out their wares, including Japan LA Pop Culture Shop, Stolle Art Studio, and Beautiful/Decay.

Will there be art going on in front of your eyes, too? For sure.

It's like a big indie craft fair with an underground, vinyl-toy'd, comic-book twist. And that it is coming just weeks before the holiday rush, and that you have some pop-cultured-out friends who are almost impossible to shop for, normally? Makes it alllll so much easier. Check out the whole DesignerCon scene.

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