Heart-Shaped Egg Molder

MEMORABLE YOLKS: Here are the things that we and many people are sweet on. A) Things that are fun. B) Things that are affordable. C) Breakfast foods. When those three things come together in beautiful concert, as they have in this heart-shaped Egg Molder we found at Ochelly, well, stick the toast in the toaster and set the toasting button to medium. It's Valentine's Week, it is breakfast in bed time, we're cooking more at home and getting better at it every day. Now, to find that heart-shaped pancake molder that we know is out there... PROTEIN WITH PIZZAZZ: The Egg Molder is $11.98 at Ochelly. A duck-shaped molder comes in the set. This might be the first time we've ever typed the words "duck-shaped molder," but we're sure we'll be typing them more often from here on out.

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