Quirky Roadside App

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ROADSIDE FINDS: You're all about the open road, the largest, the weirdest, the saltiest. But, as you know, roadside stops can close, hours can change, places can just up and move in the dead of day. Oh, but we're happy: Roadside America, the go-to site for twine balls and fiberglass monster fish, has a new app out. An app that will keep you updated on whether your favorite weird highway stop is still in business. AND it tells you what quirky finds are nearby. There's some stuff to know -- you buy the app and have access to the region of your choice. Or, for a bit more money, you can upgrade and sign on for the whole of the U.S. for a year -- so read everything. Then get driving, giant-mystery-squirrel-cement-waterfall buffs. Get driving. ON YOUR IPHONE: Pay $2.99 and get a region; upgrade, for $5.99 a year, and get lots more. 

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