We Want It: The New Farmers Market Cookbook

It seemed, for awhile there, that every restaurant, up to and including the neighbor kid's lemonade stand, had printed up its own glossy tome full of interior shots and ingredients and chef bios. But one place had not, and often, during our visits, we'd think, you know, Farmers Market should have some sort of book/recipe thingie. What's that called? Right. A cookbook.

Turns out much smarter people than ourselves had thought of this way in advance, and now the famous, food-fabulous landmark at the corner of Third & Fairfax is selling a picture-filled, yum-filled, page-filled souvenir. But it is much more than a souvenir, of course: The book is packed with recipes and how-tos covering dishes found throughout the booth-and-stall-lined attraction.

On stormy nights, when you're feeling low, perhaps you do what we do, which is think of the chilaquiles from Loteria, or Moishe's falafels, and we dream of the next time we'll eat them, and how they'll make everything better. In fact, we feel that way about so many of the classic dishes at that classic spot, we vow to pick up the book at once.

And while we may try our hand at whipping up a few of the dinners at home, will our new book keep us from returning to that magical place again and again and a thousand more times?  No, it shall not.

(The LA Original Farmers Market Cookbook is available at the Market office)

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