Weekend: Salt-N-Pepa, “Star Trek” Exhibit

Salt-n-Pepa brings the hip-hop fun to Club Nokia.

SALT-N-PEPA: They broke in the mid-1980s -- and broke big, seeing as how "Push" is still in rotation at clubs everywhere -- as it should be -- and broke industry records. Cheryl Wray and Sandra Denton make that excellent hip-hop music at Club Nokia on Saturday, December 26th; Candyman, Rodney-O and Domino join. 

"STAR TREK" EXHIBIT CLOSES: You like tri-corders. You like Romulans. Well. Your relationship with Romulans is complex. You like the Enterprise, and Q. But you haven't gotten to Hollywood to see this mondo show devoted to costumes and other props. It closes on Sunday, December 27th. Did we see a whole band of visiting Klingons during our visit? We did indeed.

DISNEY ON ICE: You've been skating on all of the city's outdoor rinks. You've twirled away your weekends. Now, sit back, and let others do the twirling for you. They'll be costumed. Bet they'll wave at the crowd. Bet you'll be cheered, in that holiday-sparkly kind of way. The Worlds of Fantasy show is at Honda Center through December 27th; it'll head for Long Beach in January.

SCREWBALL COMEDY WEEKEND: Sassy backtalk and unlikely mix-ups and fabulous costumes and is that a giant tiger in the kitchen? We're all about a man-woman-he-said-she-said vintage rom-com. American Cinematheque is showing a whole kaboodle of 'em at the Aero on December 26th and 27th. Got your steno pad handy? Good. Better chuck it at the nearest vase before stomping out of the room tossing bon mots.

"SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS": If you miss this heartwarming sci-fi-meets-the-season cinema classic at the Silent Movie Theatre on Christmas night, you can still see it. Oh, and it is live. Juicy. The Maverick Theater in Fullerton is the place. Ho ho ho, space elves. Final day is Sunday, December 27th.

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