What the Heck Is a Yogurt Lounge?

Mysterious dessert shop joins hot restaurant row.

Soon-to-open Garden Berry will be the latest addition to the Fashion District's budding foodie scene. Looking forward to it -- our tummies can always use some pro-biotic digestive help with sugar on top. But we have to take a moment on the shop's self-proclaimed status as "yogurt lounge."

Everyone knows about cigar lounges, cocktail lounges, even ultra-lounges (see Pure in Vegas). Aside from being lounges, they all seem to have one thing in common: booze. So will Garden Berry be spiking our chocolate-vanilla swirl? Perhaps they'll offer up a dessert wine tasting menu -- may we suggest a nice Sauternes with a dish of something peachy or lychee.

Our fingers are crossed, but we're guessing "lounge" is more a theoretical term intended to mean "pull up a fro-yo and stay a while." Will there be parlor games? Cashmere throws to keep us warm enough to spring for seconds? We're ready to eat, but reserving judgment on the lounge part until Garden Berry's open for business.

Garden Berry Yogurt Lounge
229 E 9th St
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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