What You're Doing This Weekend: May 1st-3rd

YOU JEST? With the arrival of May Day, we think maypoles. And maypoles make us think of medieval merriment. And so we're thinking of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Have you ever done a maypole? Harder than it looks. Not sure if they have them at the Faire, but there's plenty on offer. May 2-3, Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale.

"AMELIE" MUSIC: Yann Tiersen did the music for "Amelie," one of those go-to-a-happy-place movies that has a complicated heart. The soundtrack of the film, with its whimsical accordions, is the movie in aural form. The artist behind the music is at El Rey on May 2. Bring your garden gnome.

VITTLES IN THE BH: There are few abodes like gorgeous Greystone Mansion -- it may have been featured in well over 10,000 movies, give or take -- and we're guessing there are few gorgeouser settings for Vintage Bouquet, billed as a Food & Wine Extravaganza. Sip, snack, soak in the Europe-country-home surroundings. May 3.

SHAKEN, DEFINITELY: The Best of Bond parachutes into the Aero, May 1-3. American Cin is screening six films, including "The Spy Who Loved Me" (Carly Simon, hats off to you for one swell theme song). We're not saying you have to dress up like Moneypenny, but it would be so stylish, no? Santa Monica.

INDIE CELLULOID: You like indie. You like challenging. You best get to Raleigh Studios for the First Glance Film Festival. Grab a seat May 1-3 (but first eye the impressive line-up here).

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