7/8: Dionne Warwick, Horror Screenwriters, Free Music Series

DIONNE WARWICK: It's hard to cite a favorite Warwickian gem. We think we'll go "I Say a Little Prayer" because of the way Ms. Warwick delivers the line "at work I just take time, and all through my coffee break-time." Nice. The singer visits the GRAMMY Museum to talk about her ballad-pretty career, and sing a few classics, too. 8PM

HORROR WRITERS SCREAM (SECRETS): Framing fright writers as types who hole up in webby garrets clacking away at rusty typewriters...not fair. Not that many screech-provokers would mind the vivid portrayal. The Writers Guild invites affable, not-at-all-bone-chilling scribes, including those behind the new "Poltergeist" and some of the "Saw" flicks, to talk trade. 7:30PM, WGA

CONCERTS IN THE PARK OPENS: Glorious wind-breezy summer evenings, free music, a park-y setting. Diamond Bar kicks off its Wednesday-night summertime series with some classic rock, family to-dos, and Nutz the Squirrel. We're already kind of infatuated with Nutz the Squirrel, and we haven't yet met him. We just know he's sweet. 6:30-8PM

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