What You're Doing Tonight: May 15th

MOSHE BRAKHA PHOTOS: Beastie Boys, Elvis Costello, and other major players of the 1976-1986 era of musicdom are captured in snapshots by Moshe Brakha; the GRAMMY Museum's got 30 of 'em in the new exhibit Occupation Dreamer. We're all about the Madonna photo. Can you imagine seeing her back in '83 in that club? Holiday-yayyy... Now through August 9

GEORGETOWN GOTHIC: We like a midnight movie that actually isn't at midnight, but the less yawny hour of 11PM. It's just that on Fridays, sometimes, one is sort of done with the week. And we need to be less yawny while watching "The Exorcist" because, well, edge of the seat and all that. Scared? We are. 11PM, Art Theatre of Long Beach

FINAL WEEKEND: The Los Angeles Comedy Festival wraps on Sunday, May 17, at the ACME Comedy Theatre. Friday night's offerings, and there's a bunch, include Ron & Edie: 85 Years of Laughs, Lisa Robinson, Carla Collins, and Lou Santini. We're all a little desperate for some hearty guffawing come Friday. Address that at once. The laughs start at 8 and go all night.

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