Hotel del Romance Photo Contest

AW SHUCKS: This one has really got us. It's the Romance Photo Contest, and the Hotel del Coronado is the place behind it. The famous Coronado resort is on the search for pictures taken pre-1970 on the grounds. Pictures of lovey-dovey sorts making dewy eyes. There must be thousands of those snapshots stashed in shoe boxes from San Diego to London, we imagine. It's all for a book called "A History of Romance at the Hotel del Coronado." Aw shucks, again.

THE CONTEST: If you have such a photo, submit it for the chance of a multi-night stay at the Hotel del. That's a good prize. It may appear in the book as well. If you don't have such a photo, the hotel is searching for other trinketry, receipts, and stories of days gone by at the Del. Read more about the rules and scanning photos and submitting photos and just what the resort is looking for.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, Sept. 15.

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