September Harvest Party

RADISHES & FETAS & MORE: No one is here to knock a naked cracker -- paired with a glass of wine they do just fine, thank you -- but we'd rather try a bevy of tastes. Say, a small plate of radishes & feta. A farm egg salad with watercress. Roasted beets and French fries. And that's just a sliver of the menu being set out at the Margerum Wine Company's September Harvest Party on Saturday, Sept. 4.

LOS OLIVOS GETAWAY: A Saturday September spent in Los Olivos? Right. Twist our arm. Twist anybody's arm. Plan on a pretty day of snacking and sipping local wines and meeting other people who like both of those things. Doug Margerum is the chef for the day, and there are several other dishes on the menu. By the way, we wrote "Roasted beets and French fries" together up there, but they aren't listed together on the menu. However, something about that combo appeals. After a glass of something sparkling, we may be combining the two, with all-out abandon. A ticket to the Harvest Party is $35.

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