The Disneyland Hotel Fairy Tale Suite

FAIRY TALE TIME: When you stay in a hotel room, you say some typical things. You might tell a spouse or a child you've misplaced a comb, or that it is time to go down to dinner. That's all fine, but should you ever book the new Fairy Tale Suite at the Disneyland Hotel, we're only asking you one thing: trill everything you say. You know what we mean, yes? Sing it, Snow White-style. You don't need a wee, animated bluebird on your shoulder. You just need to do a few turns about the room, with a song in your heart, while looking for your lost comb.

SIGNATURE SUITES: We've talked about the new Pirates of the Caribbean Suite at the hotel, and the Big Thunder room, too. The Mickey Mouse Penthouse is also part of the signatures. So are you feeling more princess-y, more mouse-y, more swashbuckle-y, or more wildest-ride-in-the-wilderness-ish? Choices. The Disneyland Hotel says to ring to inquire about prices and specifics on the suite, which includes a canopy bed, castle-ready touches, and Tinkerbell, too. You don't need to trill during the phone call, note; just when you reach the room. 

TRILL TIPS: You'll want to "ah ha ha ha ha ha" while going up a scale or two. Picturing a wishing well in your mind may be useful here.

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