You + Thousands of Bugs

The Natural History Museum's Bug Fair buzzes back. Buzz buzz.

Sometimes we worry for a bug's sense of self and general overall confidence.

Why? Because we humans see something with wings or multiple legs and we say "ew, a bug," not realizing what we're looking at is a rather elegant Polyphemus moth or a Blue ring centipede.

But there are people out there who love their Polyphemus moths and Blue ring centipedes and only pull out the word "bug" when talking about a lot of insects at once, rather than individual creatures. And if you want a lot of insects at once you'll be at the Natural History Museum for its annual Bug Fair on Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20.

This thing is as big as a ladybug is small; it is, in fact, "the biggest bug festival in North America." Over 70 vendors show with all sorts of alive, and formerly alive, examples of insectia. Some creatures are merely for display, some will take parts in docent talks (those are often the ones brave visitors get to hold), and some are for sale.

There's also a Praying Mantis walkabout, a Honeybee walkabout, a Flower Fly walkabout, and a bunch of other special sessions throughout both days. Oh yeah, and the always fascinating and somewhat appetizing cooking demo. Crunch crunch.

It's also the Year of the Fly, says the museum, so expect to see fly-related information and experts. Oh flies. In our hearts, we try to find patience. We really try. Maybe a visit to Bug Fair will help us see the world through your multi-lens compound eyes.

Bug Fair is part of your NHM museum entrance fee, so there's nothing extra on top of that to attend. Do note, however, that entrance to the Butterfly Pavilion is extra. Wait. Butterflies have "fly" in their name, and we adore them. Okay. We're halfway there, to a better fly-based understanding. Heart opening wider.

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